Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about XFCut.

Will my vinyl cutter/cutting plotter work with XFCut?

XFCut is compatible with 99% of vinyl cutting plotters on the market today, and we're constantly updating our supported devices list. so probably with yours too! Have a look at our list of supported devices. If you're unsure, its best to contact us or take advantage of the trial to test for yourself.

What are the limitations of the free trial?

The free trial will cut 2 horizontal lines through each object, and after 30 days use you will no longer be allowed to use XFCut. When you start XFCut after the trial period has expired you will get the opportunity to purchase the full version online.

How do I activate the license for XFCut?
  • 1. Launch XFCut
  • 2. Click the "Activate" button or go to Help > Activate...
  • 3. Enter your name and license key.
  • 4. Then click OK to complete the activation process.

If the online activation fails, try activating the software offline (see activation instructions).

Why do I get an error when trying to activate XFCut?

Make sure you're entering the license key exactly as shown in your email receipt. Also, if you're copying/pasting from the email, make sure that the license key doesn't contain spaces at either end. In addition, To transfer a license to a new system, please deactivate it on the original system first, then activate it on the new system.

When installing the program it will not let me choose CorelDraw 2019, What's wrong with the installer?

Make sure that the Corel is installed in the default folder (exactly as shown below).
C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

I go to cut and nothing happens?

First, make sure the program is communicating with your vinyl cutter properly and ensure you have selected the correct correct connection mode and port.

What Operating Systems do you support?

XFCut supports both macOS and Windows platforms including Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows 11. Mac 10.12 and newer.

Does your software run on a macOS?

Yes. We currently support macOS Sierra (10.12) and higher.

Can I move my license key to another computer?

Yes. It is first necessary to deactivate a computer before it can be used on another computer. To deactivate, launch XFCut and click Help > Deactivate option. After deactivation, you can use your license key to activate XFCut on another system.

I need help with the installation of my cutter. Could you do that for me?

Yes. We are happy to help you install and setup your XFCut software in combination with your vinyl cutter. you can reach our support team via email. The XFCut Customer Support team is available to answer your questions help solve problems at any given moment.

Why can't I call XFCut Support directly?

We do not offer phone support at this time, as we find that communicating via email expedites troubleshooting by providing a more efficient way to share screenshots and files.

Contact XFCut support

Still can't find your answer?

If your question is not answered by this FAQ then you can contact XFCut support via email.